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Le Mont Sutton

  • 3 personnes
  • 12 au AUGUST 16, 2015
"Hello Luc, This trip was great! The cottage and the area was perfect; quiet, clean, easily accessible and near the village. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Thank you and have a nice day! Céline"
- Céline Choquette, envoyé le AUGUST 17, 2015
  • 4 personnes
  • 01 au AUGUST 31, 2014
"Hello M. Villeneuve, I hope you are well. Our stay at the cottage was very enjoyable. Thank you. Martine Latraverse"
- Martine Latraverse, envoyé le AUGUST 28, 2014

Lac à la Pêche

  • 2 personnes
  • 03 au AUGUST 16, 2015
"Good evening M.Villeneuve, Our stay was perfect and it was really perfect and we hope to return in the Mauricie! Gertrude Bourdon. Gertrude Bourdon"
- Gertrude Bourdon, envoyé le AUGUST 17, 2015

Domaine Lac Marsan

  • 6 personnes
  • 27 au AUGUST 2, 2015
"Hello, we spent a wonderful week! Thank you for renting! Liane"
- Liane Collette, envoyé le AUGUST 23, 2014
  • 4 personnes
  • 28 au MARCH 6, 2015
"Hello Mr. Villeneuve, We had a wonderful experience. The place is beautiful and your cottage is just perfect. Thank you and have a nice day!"
- Yan Vachon, envoyé le MARCH 10, 2015
  • 8 personnes
  • 09 au JANUARY 11, 2015
"Hello, I am writing this email to inform you that we spent one of the most magical weekend. Also, I wanted to thank you. The cottage is beautiful and is well equipped. Everything was perfect and we are delighted Sincerely, Samuel Barbé, happy renter."
- Samuel Barbé, envoyé le JANUARY 13, 2015
  • 8 personnes
  • 29 au JANUARY 4, 2015
"Bonjour, Le chalet était magnifique, merci! Bien à vous, Sébastien Rose"
- Sébastien Rose, envoyé le DECEMBER 30, 2014
  • 2 personnes
  • 05 au DECEMBER 7, 2014
"Hello Mr. Villeneuve, Our stay was great. The cottage and the site is truly awesome. We loved the spa and sauna as well as hiking trails that are easily accessible. Truly a beautiful cottage! Laurent"
- Laurent Vaillancourt, envoyé le DECEMBER 9, 2014
  • 8 personnes
  • 10 au OCTOBER 13, 2014
"I wanted to take the time to convey our thanks and tell you how much we spent a wonderful weekend at your cottage Lake Marsan. In addition to the incredible temperature was at the rendezvous, we enjoyed the tranquility, comfort and all the amenities of the cottage. The site is enchanting, especially at this time of year. We believe already repeat the experience eventually. Thank you again and wish you a nice day Micheline Desforges"
- Micheline Desforges, envoyé le OCTOBER 14, 2014
  • 7 personnes
  • 16 au AUGUST 22, 2014
"Hello Mr. Villeneuve. A quick note to mention that we loved our stay in your beautiful cottage. Very nice, very comfortable and very well equipped. Congratulations. We would love to return to your cabin this winter. Is it available for the holidays? Or in January? We also believe to rent next summer. My whole family loved the cottage and the site. Thank you again for a good quality business and pleasure. André Leclerc"
- Andre Leclerc, envoyé le AUGUST 23, 2014

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